COVID-19: Deploy a TeleVisit platform for risk mitigation in 6 days

Rapid Deployment of Decentralized Trials Enabling HIPAA compliant TeleVisits during containment

Medable is partnering with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, CROs, and Academic Research Centers to continue moving important research efforts forward during times of containment.


TeleVisit mobile application offers worldwide ability to connect virtually with clinical trial sites

  • Consents patients in native language for the use of telemedicine;
  • Provides real-time video capabilities on a single platform that is 21 CFR, Part 11 compliant;
  • Allows patients to virtually connect with their site coordinators, investigators or other care professionals from anywhere in the world;
  • Increases patient safety

Medable can rapidly deploy direct-to-patient technologies to enable clinical trials, in some cases in less than 6 days.



Medable is working around the clock supporting our partners through this critical time. Contact us at or use the contact form.

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